4 Safety Tips For Installing & Using An Automatic Gate

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If you are in the process of installing a gate that automatically opens, here are a few safety recommendations to keep in mind during the installation process.  #1 Check For Listing Marks When your dual gate opener arrives in the mail or when you pick it up, take the gate opener out of the package and inspect it for a listing mark. This mark should either say UL or ETL; those are both testing laboratories that are nationally recognized by theNRTL.

1 June 2016

Gutter Talk: Expand Your Vertical Gardening With Gutter Gardens

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If you're thinking of replacing those worn out, dented, rusty old metal gutters with some nice, new vinyl ones from a company like Rainbow Gutter Co, you may be thinking of ways to repurpose the old ones. If you're a gardener, you're in luck, because gutter gardening is hot, not only in small space gardens but anywhere you have a little space you would like to devote to growing some food.

9 May 2016

How To Cover Oddly-Shaped Windows

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Blinds are well suited for square or rectangular windows. However, when windows are an odd shape, it can be much more difficult to find blinds that can adequately fit; but luckily, there are many covering solutions that are ideal for your home's oddly-shaped windows. For Circular Windows Circular windows can be covered by cellular shades or shutters. Cellular shades will not be operable; however, shutter shades are operable, allowing you to control the amount of light that enters or leaves your home.

13 April 2016

Take Control Over Your Lawn By Eliminating White Clover

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Although hoping to find a 4-leaf clover may have been your dream as a child, encountering countless patches of white clover in your yard as an adult may leave a lot to be desired and be diminishing the beauty of your yard at the same time. Learn how to eliminate these common weeds with the following steps. Once you have tackled the problem, plant grass seed where the clovers once were so that your property soon has a consistent appearance that is full of healthy blades of grass.

9 March 2016

Perk Up Your Yard With A Cozy Corner Garden

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A corner seems like such an ideal spot for a pretty mini garden. Yet often this space languishes, disappearing into the background as other attractions gain attention in the center of the yard. This could be because the corner spot presents a problem for planting, or it just could be a forgotten area. Perk up your whole yard by planting a pretty scene in the corner. Solve a Slope Sometimes a corner presents a slope, either leading to or away from the center of the yard.

9 February 2016

3 Tips For Keeping Your Lawn Mower In Good Shape

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Outdoor power equipment is expensive. If you want your outdoor power equipment to last a long time, you need to make sure that you take proper care of it. Here are three tips that will help you keep your lawn mower in good shape for a long time.  Store Your Lawn Mower Somewhere Safe When you are not using your lawn mower, you should not just park it on the side of your yard.

15 January 2016

Three Tree Care Tips To Protect Your Home And Reduce Roof Wear

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If you have large trees around your home, they can be valuable for adding shade and protecting your roof. They also need to have proper care to prevent damage to your home, such as wear on your roof due to falling branches and fungus from too much shade. If you want to reduce wear on your roof, here are some tips for the care that trees around your home need:

18 December 2015