Three Ways To Put An Old Backyard Tree Stump You Want To Remove To Good Use

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It's understandable if all the time and effort involved in removing a tree stump from your property has made you put off the task for as long as possible. But even if you can't stand the current look of your tree stump, it's possible to at least put the wood in it to good use after removal. So if you're feeling creative, check out these three ways to put an old backyard tree stump you want to remove to good use.

Turn It Into Mulch For Your Garden Or Play Set

One of the cheapest, simplest, and most rewarding ways to recycle a tree stump is to turn it into mulch to fill up a special area in your backyard. In particular, mulch will be very useful in a garden with large bushes or shrubs in it. Their thick, long underground roots mean that they don't require as many resources from the uppermost layer of the soil as ordinary flowers do, allowing you to rework this layer without causing problems.

Mulch is even more useful if you have a small play set in your backyard for your children and want to make sure that no one gets hurt by falling on the ground. In this case, you can cut the bark of the stump into small rectangular sections to define the border between the playground and the rest of your backyard.

Make Wooden Stepping Blocks For Your Porch

If your porch is very high off the ground, making a few wooden stepping blocks out of the stump will improve both the look and the functionality of the structure. Just make sure that you apply lacquer to any blocks you cut out so that they'll be able to resist snow and rainwater without trouble.

The great thing about making blocks with the wood from your trunk is that you can move them from one part of your home to another as the need arises. So, if you find yourself needing a doorstop on one of your interior doors, all you'll have to do is walk down to your porch and pick one of the blocks up.

Saw Off The Roots And Make It Into An Outdoor Coffee Table

Making a table out of the stump will be a pretty involved job, but since you don't have to pay for the raw material, the risks are low and the reward will be well worth the effort. If you're skilled enough with a saw and other carpentry tools, you can even put a few retractable cabinets in the interior of the stump. You can make handles with the wood from the roots and attach them to the stump with superglue.

For more information about your options, contact a tree removal company.


6 October 2016