Outdoor Decorative Hanging Lantern Ideas For Parties

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If you're hosting an outdoor get-together, such as a birthday party, an anniversary celebration or even a wedding reception, you don't have to spend a lot of money to make your yard festive. Once you've set up the basic elements, such as dining table and chair, a buffet table and a fire pit, give the area a customized look using inexpensive decor pieces. 

One way to add color, interest and a warm glow to the celebration space is with hanging lanterns. Not only will the lanterns jazz up the yard during daylight hours, they'll also provide soft lighting elements as evening turns into night.

All you'll need onsite are some tree branches or wood rafters from which to hang the lanterns. You can either buy the lanterns at a party or home decor retailer, or make them yourself using items you most likely have on hand.

Here are some outdoor hanging lantern ideas to consider: 

1. Chinese Paper Lanterns 

Cheap, lightweight and easy to install, Chinese paper lanterns will give you the most bang for your decorating buck. The round lighting elements come in a wide variety of sizes and colors and even patterns, so you can choose ones that coordinate with your party theme.

For instance, if you're holding a beach-inspired soiree, go with either turquoise blue and white lanterns to reflect ocean colors, or choose brightly-hued red, orange and yellow lanterns to resemble vibrant beach balls. 

Glue small paper butterflies, bumblebees and dragonflies to white paper lanterns to enhance an elegant outdoor garden party. 

2. Mason Jar Lanterns

Light up a country-inspired backyard barbecue with simple mason jar lanterns that you can make yourself in no time. Buy glass jars with small wrought iron handles on top at a craft store, and fill the bottoms with sand or pebbles. Nestle LED tealights into the filler, loop twine through the handles, and tie them to low-hanging tree branches or rafters.

You can use basic clear jars, or add subtle pops of color with green or blue lanterns. 

3. Paper Bag Lanterns 

Another crafty and budget-friendly way to light up an outdoor celebration is with homemade paper bag lanterns. Start by folding 2 inches of the tops of brown paper lunch bags over, and then punching one hole in each side. Loop pieces of thin wire or translucent fishing line through the holes for hanging.

Use hole punchers to create star, heart, or any other patterns in the bags. Place LED tealights in the bottoms of the bags and the lights will shine through the punched designs for a charming look. 


14 September 2016