Accessible Barrier-Free Showers: A Safe & Trouble-Free Home Improvement

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Accessible showers, or barrier-free showers, are an excellent addition to any home. Not only do they provide a lifetime of safe showering, but barrier-free showers can also add value to your home.


There are ways that barrier-free showers provide you with a safer bathing experience. Beyond the convenience of easy entry, there are other aspects of your new shower that will add safety.

Bathe Without Assistance

Since you will be able to enter directly into the shower area, you will likely be able to bathe without assistance. Even if you have mobility issues or are confined to a wheelchair, you will be able to enter your shower without any help. A non-skid surface on both the floor and the seating areas will also provide you with the confidence that you need to shower independently without the risk of a fall.

There are various designs that can be catered specifically to your needs. If, for instance, you do require a wheelchair to get around, your shower can be set up exclusively to your special needs, allowing you to safely maneuver yourself in your shower without any help.

You can have multiple seated areas installed, each with stable handles and supports that will allow you to safely maneuver yourself into various showering positions. Handheld shower wands and accessible controls will allow you the freedom to shower without the assistance of someone else.

Enhance the Value of Your Home

The idea of a safer and more comfortable shower in your home will add to the value of that home. The barrier-free, or curb-free, shower design makes your shower usable by anyone, regardless of age or physical limitations. Not only will you expand the marketability of your home, but your barrier-free shower will be a lifetime investment.

Barrier-free showers use a seamless design for safety purposes, but the absence of grout lines and seams makes them easier to clean and maintain.

Barrier-free showers come in a variety of colors, so you can also provide a colorful, beautiful accent to your current bathroom. The curb-free design will also make your bathroom appear to be larger, adding a visual appeal to this important and frequently used room in your home.

Accessible showers are an excellent improvement that will not only make your bathroom safer but also add to the value of your home. Your next step should be to consult a professional such as Trending Accessibility and start remodeling your bathroom.


18 August 2016