Keeping Your Air Conditioner Cool During The Heat Of The Summer


During the hottest parts of the summer, your air conditioner works overtime to keep your home cool. When it is well maintained, it will continue to work flawlessly to keep you cool. But if the condenser should overheat, the motor can shut down or burn out, leaving you with no AC on a hot day. Here is how to inspect and maintain the condenser cooling system to keep your air conditioner working for you.

How Your AC Keeps Itself Cool

The condenser motor is in the cabinet that sits outside of your house. A large fan in the cabinet draws heat from the motor and sends it outside. Multiple metal fins surround the condenser that act as conduits to draw heat away from the motor. Together, the fan and fins keep the condenser from overheating. If the fan blades become dirty and yard debris collects between the fins, the condenser motor can overheat. You can easily maintain these components so they continue to work efficiently.

How to Maintain the Fan and Cooling Fins

To do this task, you'll need:

  • flat-blade screwdriver
  • vacuum cleaner with a long wand and soft brush
  • old rags for cleanup
  1. Turn off the air conditioner with the switch in the circuit panel for the house.
  2. Remove the screws holding the top on the condenser cabinet.
  3. Lift the top off and set it aside. The fan blades will now be exposed.
  4. Clean any dirt from both sides of the fan blades using the vacuum and a soft brush.
  5. Remove any leaves and debris from between the thin metal fins that surround the condenser.
  6. Vacuum any dirt off of the fins, being careful not to bend or flatten them.
  7. Straighten any fins that have been bent by gently pulling them away from the coils.
  8. Replace the top onto the cabinet and secure it with the screws.
  9. Turn the AC back on and enjoy the cool air coming into the house.

Note that if a large section of the fins are damaged, you should contact an air conditioning repair service to repair or replace the fins. They have a tool with which they can straighten a large section of fins at once, as long as the fins aren't broken.

How Often to Do This Maintenance

Clean the fan and coils at the start of the summer to get your AC ready to do its job. Mid-way through the summer, check the condenser again for any signs of debris build up or damage. The fins are very light and can be bent by a lawn mower bumping against the cabinet, a power washer pointed at the coils, or a weed trimmer cord hitting the fins. You may need to clean the condenser at this mid-way point if you've had activity in the yard that may have damage the cooling fins.

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23 July 2016