How To Cover Oddly-Shaped Windows

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Blinds are well suited for square or rectangular windows. However, when windows are an odd shape, it can be much more difficult to find blinds that can adequately fit; but luckily, there are many covering solutions that are ideal for your home's oddly-shaped windows.

For Circular Windows

Circular windows can be covered by cellular shades or shutters. Cellular shades will not be operable; however, shutter shades are operable, allowing you to control the amount of light that enters or leaves your home.

For Octagonal Windows

Octagonal windows are a less common option; and they are most often found in attics. They are added because of their unique appearance and the detail that they add to a building. If you haven't installed this kind of window yet on your home, you may want to consider a faux window. These windows are painted with dark metallic paint to give the appearance of depth.

However, if you already have an octagonal window that needs to be covered, try a custom-made cellular or pleated shade. These can be opened with a top-down or bottom-up options.

For Triangular Windows

Triangle windows are most often found in attics and near stairs. Cellular shades can be made to fit triangle windows. Top-down and bottom-up shades are also available for triangles.. Another option is to add shutters with movable slats that can open or close. Sometimes, you can get a shutter as a single panel.

Sunburst Coverings Are Good For Many Shapes

While some coverings need to be custom-made to fit a particular window, there are other covers designed to fit any window shape. Sunburst coverings are usually created with shirred fabric that is pulled together to the center. Because these coverings have the flexibility of an accordion, they can be made for windows of many shapes. The fabric is usually sheer, so keep that in mind if you want to really block out light. However, a different fabric could be used if you are trying to match fabrics throughout the rest of the room.

Window Film Is Good For Many Shapes

Window film can be cut to cover any opening. The material makes it impossible to see inside, but allows for occupants to see outside. To cut the film yourself, you will need to use a compass tool to ensure that you cut precisely, something that is difficult to do with curves. Try cutting out your window's dimensions on old newspaper first; that way, you can get a feel of how much covering you will need without wasting window film. Once you have the right fit, you can use the newspaper pattern to trace the right shape on the window film.

Some custom-shaped blinds can be very difficult to create, so you may not want to take the DIY route. You can check out a place like if that is the case. You may want to contact professionals who can create custom blinds that will perfectly fit your window. You can choose to measure your blinds yourself, but you will receive the most accurate results if you have a professional measure them.


13 April 2016