Perk Up Your Yard With A Cozy Corner Garden

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A corner seems like such an ideal spot for a pretty mini garden. Yet often this space languishes, disappearing into the background as other attractions gain attention in the center of the yard. This could be because the corner spot presents a problem for planting, or it just could be a forgotten area. Perk up your whole yard by planting a pretty scene in the corner.

Solve a Slope

Sometimes a corner presents a slope, either leading to or away from the center of the yard. If that's the case, plant pretty shrubs. Not only will they brighten the corner, but they help anchor the topsoil. Fine Gardening suggests solving a slope with a dwarf forsythia. The Gold Tide dwarf forsythia grows only 18 inches tall before spreading its golden blooms along the ground.

Embrace the Shade

Corners can also present a problem because of shade from tall trees. Rather than let your corner literally recede into the shadows, install shade-loving plants. Fill the corner with a shrub such as redtwig dogwood. Flank it with fuller plants, such as astibe or tall hosta varieties. Finally, use a few ferns to fill in the gaps.

Train Climbers

If your corner abuts a tall fence, consider covering the fence with pretty blooms. Wisteria is a classic plant that evokes romantic stories. Yet the vine under the showy purple flowers is sturdy. The racemes of drooping blooms take up a lot of vertical real estate. If you want a gentler backdrop for your corner, consider morning glory or clematis with their petite flowers and delicate leaves. Plant the climber near the base of the fence, and use florist's wire to affix it to the structure.

Fill in the Center

Once you've got your backdrop, fill in the center to create a corner garden that holds its own against the rest of the yard. An evergreen tree or shrub works wells if you need a hardier plant. Alternatively, plant an ornamental tree that looks pretty year round. Crab apple yields delicate blossoms in spring, rich foliage in summer and fruit that lasts through fall and winter. You could also plant a fragrant herbal shrub, such as rosemary or bay laurel.

Add Yard Décor

To make your corner garden truly charming, add an accent piece. Indeed, consider making it the centerpiece of the garden. For instance, place a rustic wheelbarrow in the corner, and plant it with annuals that set off the backdrop plants. Alternatively, select a tall birdhouse, and nestle it in the corner plants.

Make a corner garden that serves as a frame for the rest of your landscaping.


9 February 2016