Three Tree Care Tips To Protect Your Home And Reduce Roof Wear

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If you have large trees around your home, they can be valuable for adding shade and protecting your roof. They also need to have proper care to prevent damage to your home, such as wear on your roof due to falling branches and fungus from too much shade. If you want to reduce wear on your roof, here are some tips for the care that trees around your home need:

1. Addressing Emergency Care Of Storm Damaged Trees

Storms and wind can cause a lot of damage to trees. The trees around your home may not directly damage your home, but they can have branches that have been broken during a storm. If you have a tree with branches that have been damaged due to storms, it is a good idea to have a tree service do emergency care and remove them. This can help prevent many tree problems, such as disease and insects. Removing these branches will also reduce the risk of them falling on you or your home.

2. Trimming Canopy To Reduce Shade That Causes Roof Fungus

The canopy of your trees can be full of leaves and branches, which causes your roof to have a lot of shade. This shade is valuable to your home, but can also allow for fungus to grow on your roof. It is a good idea to have the canopy trimmed, so that enough light gets to the roof to reduce humidity and fungus problems. The tree service can help with properly trimming the canopy to allow some light through, but still provide your home with valuable shade.

3. Regular Pruning To Promote Healthy Tree Growth

Regular pruning of your trees is also important to promote healthy tree growth and prevent problems. This is something that has to be done regularly as the tree grows. Unhealthy branches can be removed to help your trees to grow strong. In addition, a tree service can also keep branches trimmed that may be too close to your home or utilities and power lines. If there are trees that are close to your home, they can also be trained to grow in a way that minimizes hazards to your home.

These are some tree care tips to help protect your home from roof damage and still have valuable shade and beautiful trees. If your trees need trimming and special care, contact a tree service, like Tree Sculptors, to keep your trees healthy and your home safe.


18 December 2015