How To Incorporate Quartz Countertops In A Rustic Kitchen

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If you have always wanted a rustic kitchen and also wanted durable, non-porous quartz countertops, you may think the two don't go very well together. Quartz has been used a lot lately in slick, modern kitchens (think stainless steel appliances and trendy hardware-less cabinetry from Europe). However, you can use quartz countertops in a more country-style kitchen for a seamless look, not a jarring juxtaposition. Read on to learn how.

The Countertops Themselves

When selecting quartz countertops for your kitchen, look for a more uneven, random pattern that mimics nature. Also, try to choose colors that are found in nature, rather than bright hues that look too contemporary. Some very rustic slabs of quartz look almost like wood or tree bark, which would look perfect in an old-fashioned kitchen.

You could also consider using countertops with natural rough edges instead of finished ones. This will look much more authentic in your kitchen design.

Major Building Components

Find building components in their raw state to complement the appearance of your counters. Using reclaimed planking for your floors, walls or beamed ceiling will look beautiful with the stone finish of the countertops. Exposed brick or stone on the walls or backsplash is also an attractive choice.


Since your cabinetry and countertops need to physically fit together, you also want to choose cabinets that are rustic in nature. You'll probably need to finish them for practicality's sake, but stained distressed wood or a pickled finish would work well.

If using cabinetry under an island, try using turned legs with ball or clawed feet to support one end instead of a solid wood finish. Your quartz countertops will look much more like an old-fashioned service island that way.

Plumbing Fixtures

Your sink should be integrated as smoothly as possible into the countertop, again, to make the two work together in a rustic manner. A slop or barn sink will have the right shape and depth. You could even purchase an antique sink in alabaster or similar material that works well with the stone in your countertops. An old-fashioned high faucet made to accommodate large pots like in centuries past is a nice touch.


You want to find a stove that suits the country or ranch style of your kitchen. Fortunately today there are many vintage look-alike stoves on the market that look old but function like new.  It can be more difficult to find refrigerators and dishwashers to match rustic decor. It may look better to house these appliances behind wooded cabinets to disguise them and give an overall impression of a traditional kitchen.

Quartz is a wonderful reflector of light, so be sure to use some pendant lighting or similar authentic looking fixtures over your counters to give your kitchen a warm glow. Simple window treatments and vintage accessories can round out your design, and you will the best of all worlds with your rustic kitchen and quartz countertops.


30 October 2015