3 Wind Chimes That You Can Make Yourself On A Budget

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Homemade crafts are extremely popular, especially when people want to save money. It is no different when it comes to wind chimes. Homemade wind chimes are unique, interesting and cheap. Whether you're wanting to add some ornaments to your garden, front porch, balcony or patio, here are three fantastic ideas to consider:

1. Seashell Wind Chime

If you live by the beach or love the beach and want to bring a bit of it home with you after visiting, you could consider building your own wind chime. You can use seashells that you picked up from along the beach or that you purchased at a gift store. You will need a small drill bit so that you can drill a tiny hole into all of your seashells. You will then use florist wire to string through these holes to create a design that you like. You can even string some jewelry beads to create some additional visual interest. If you want, you could also spray paint your seashells, which could help add a pop of color to the wind chime. For the top and anchor of the wind chime, you could use a piece of driftwood or the traditional round ring.

2. Pencil Wind Chime

If you're looking for a relatable gift for your child's teacher, or simply a unique take on a wind chime, you may want to consider creating a wind chime with pencils and a ruler. The ruler will serve as a base, which you'll need to drill some small holes into in order to hang the pencils from it. You can use different length pencils of various colors. It may not make the most "noise" per se, but it's a guaranteed winner in the teacher gift department.

3. Tea Cup Wind Chime

If you're looking for a focal point to add to your garden, and you love tea cups, you may want to consider implementing your love into a beautiful wind chime. You can use rustic rope to tie to the cups and then tie them to a tree limb. It is up to you if you add more than one per piece of rope, but if you choose to only do one per piece, you will want to make sure to change up the lengths. If you don't have tea cups, you can find them cheap at thrift stores and garage sales.

If you aren't in the mood to design your very own wind chime, you can find cheap wind chimes for sale at various retailers in your town as well as online. You could also buy a basic chime and dress it up with beads or other fun details.


13 October 2015