Four Projects To Get Children Started With Quilting

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With DIY art projects becoming such a hit these days, crafts such as sewing and quilting have come full circle and are a popular hobby. If you have a child that is interested in craft projects involving quilting, here are four great smaller projects to get them started.

1. Pillowcases

Quilting directly on to an existing pillowcase can be a good starter project. If a child wants to adorn a pillowcase with an entire quilted scene, or just attach a few choice accoutrements, they can decide how detailed they would like to get. This is a good project for kids to find their style, and to help gauge how much they can handle for bigger projects in the future.

2. Table Runners & Pot Holders

Great for gifts, quilted items for the kitchen or dining area can be beautiful and are also functional. Practicing  patterns and standard quilting techniques on a smaller square or rectangle surface area can prepare your child for bigger quilting projects. Quilting stores will offer designs and books that can get your child started on piecework and ideas that may evolve into larger projects later on.

3. Quilted Purses and Book Bags

Creating a purse or book bag can be a great way to get started with quilting. There are plenty of patterns available online and at your fabric store for these types of accessory items. Look through patterns together to find something that your child is excited about and help them through the process.

4. Wall Hangings

For an even more artistic project, quilting a scene or pattern that can be hung on display can bring more to quilting than just a repetitive pattern. If your child likes to create things that are a little off the beaten path, this version of free-form quilting will give them a little more autonomy with their project.

Don't have your child become frustrated by starting off with a project that is too daunting or time consuming for their skill level. Work with your local fabric store and see if there are classes or machine rentals so that your child can get a taste for projects before committing to expensive equipment. The fabric store can source the easiest fabrics to work with while picking out trendy colors and patterns that your child will love. Quilting isn't just for grandma anymore.  Help your child get started with creative trends and find a hobby they can enjoy for the rest of their life.

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13 April 2015