Three Tips To Keep Bugs From Going Through Park Model Doors, Windows, And Walls

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Park models are mobile RVs that resemble small vacation cabins with wheels. Whether you're planning to live in your park model full-time, seasonally, or only want to use it for the occasional vacation, it's important to keep bugs away so that you're as comfortable as possible. If you're not exactly sure how to keep bugs out of your park model, start with these three tips.

Put A Caulk Strip Under Your Door

Putting caulk strips under doors is one of the simplest and easiest ways to guard against bugs in any home. When it comes to park models, caulking your door is especially important because there are fewer other ways that bugs can get inside.

When you want to move your park model to another location, make sure that you remove the caulk strip you put down and store it until you're at your destination. If you ignore your caulking strip while you're on the road, it could easily fall out and leave your park model vulnerable to bugs.

Pay Special Attention To Bug Proofing Your Utility Lines

Utility lines on park models are generally smaller and less sturdy than utility lines you'd find on a home. Additionally, park model lines are above ground rather than underground. As a result, bugs have an easier time burrowing through the point where a line meets a park model wall.

Make sure that you spray a lot of bug spray on all parts of your utility lines. Get rubber guards to put on the lines where they jut out from the wall so that they'll be sturdier.

Get A Dehumidifier For Hot Days

Since park models are so small, even a small dehumidifier will have a noticeable effect on humidity. And since bugs aren't very comfortable with low humidity, the best thing you can do to repel bugs on a humid day is run a dehumidifier.

Don't get a battery operated dehumidifier that's exclusively designed to be operated in mobile RVs. Since park models remain stationary most of the time, it makes more sense to get a dehumidifier that can sustain itself for a long time through an external power source.

While park models can be very comfortable, their small size means that bugs in them are especially annoying. If you're serious about making your park model as livable as possible, almost all the bug proofing ideas you can find are well worth at least trying.

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26 March 2015