Beat The Heat: Seven Not-So-Obvious Ways To Stay Cool


When it's winter out, it's hard to remember why you wished away the summer. But once the heat hits, you remember just how miserable the hot weather can truly be. All you want is to cool down. Besides the obvious choices of going swimming or staying inside air conditioned buildings, what are some other ways to stay cool?

Spice it up

As people who live in hot climates can attest, eating spicy foods can actually help cool you down. Chili peppers have capsaicin, which makes you perspire. When that sweat evaporates, you skin feels cooled.

Use a window fan

This tip is not necessarily as obvious as it sounds. In the evening, when the heat from the day is trapped in your home and the air outside is 77 degrees or less, turn on your fan, but with the blades facing out of the house. This will suck the hot air out of your home, and bring the cooler air into the house, offering you some relief.

Make sure your fireplace damper is closed

You sure as heck aren't using your fireplace during the hot summer, so the damper doesn't need to be open while the air conditioning is running. Leaving the damper open is one way heat sneaks into your house...and the cool air goes right out the chimney.

Give your air conditioning a tune-up

Ideally, you had a repair person come out and do yearly service on your a/c before the summer heat kicked in, but if you didn't, do it fast. A properly maintained air conditioner will run more effectively. A tech will check for leaks and clean coils to help your a/c achieve maximum cooling efficiency.

Shut down appliances

You know your oven gives off heat when you cook, but what about some of your other appliances? Your television and computer can give off a lot of heat. Turn them off and if you can't unplug that computer because you have work, use a small fan plugged into your USB port to help cool you as you work. 

Cool your socks

Make some cold compresses by filling socks with rice. Tie them off at the top and then chill them in the freezer for about two hours. Because the rice is dense, it will hold on to the cold for a while. Place the compress in the back of your neck or on your pulse points to cool down. You can also take the compress to bed at night to help you go to sleep in the heat.

Eat your fruits and veggies

When you are hot, you perspire. When you perspire, you are using the water in your body. You need to replace that water to keep your body temperature from rising. Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of water, so eating them will help keep your body temperature down, making you feel better. Watermelon is an especially excellent choice for re-hydration because it's full of water.  

You know all the old tricks for staying cool. Hopefully some of these lesser known ideas will help you beat the heat during the summer. (For more information on air conditioning, contact Hammes Ron Refrigeration or another company)


9 December 2014