Keeping Your Possessions Rodent Free In Storage

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You've finally settled on a storage facility for your possessions. You did your research. You know that you want climate control, security cameras, 24-hour monitoring and you even know what kind of lock you want.  You want to be sure that your stored items are secure in the facility you've chosen. But there is one thing you may not have considered; one pesky little intruder who can invade your unit and ruin your things without ever being noticed. Have you stopped to consider what you need to do about rodents?


The first line of defense against a rodent problem is to try to prevent them from becoming an issue at all. This should include:

  • Keeping your storage unit clean

You may not relish the idea of having another chore, but it's important to keep your until tidy. This means sweeping the floor to get rid of hair and dust that may accumulate. It may even be wise to bring a vacuum to get the corners clean. Mice and rats love dust bunnies and hairballs for nest building.

  • Keeping your clothes protected

Cardboard boxes are easy for rodents to chew through. Consider storing your clothes in plastic storage containers. While not the perfect solution, they will keep the mice and rats out better than cardboard. Also, try to store clothing up high, off the floor, making it less accessible to the rodents.

  • Don't store rodent treats

Most storage facilities have a "no food" policy. If another renter stores food, the rats and mice will come looking in your unit next.  Even sealed pet food is a no-go. If your facility doesn't have a no food policy, it may be wise to look into other storage units.

If you are storing appliances make sure they are well cleaned, with no crumbs remaining that would attract mice and rats to your unit.


So what do you do if you spot rodents or evidence of rodents in your storage unit? Take heart, there are still ways to protect your possessions.

  • Seal off holes

Rodents get in through holes in the walls or near the doors, so sealing them off is a good first step. Cut steel wool to fit the hole and then caulk around it to seal it off. There is even steel wool on the market that is made especially to repel rodents.  It's possible your storage unit facility may even have a maintenance person who can seal the holes for you.

  • Set traps

Of course, setting traps will require you to come by and check on your unit often in order to remove the rodent's body or to take a live rodent out to a field and release it. Either way, be prepared to do this until it seems you have driven away the mice and rats. It may be wise to use traps to catch rodents that have already infiltrated your unit in conjunction with deterrents.

  • Lay down deterrents

Rodents dislike the smell of fresh mint, mothballs and bay leaves. You can try keeping the pests out of your unit by setting these items in the corners of your units. You can also try using peppermint oils in crevices, but you will have to use a large amount for it to be effective. Deterrents can also be used ahead of discovering rodents in your unit just as a precautionary measure.

​Keeping rodents out of your storage unit altogether is ideal, so prevention is key. If that doesn't work out, be sure to be proactive with immediate eradication efforts. To learn more, contact a company like Preferred Storage with any questions you have.


5 December 2014